Monday, November 16, 2009

Terrorist Trial

I never saw the War on Terror as an actual military action between countries. Rather, it is using our military to fight civil disobedience that has stretched to the most violent end of the spectrum, insidiously sneaking over borders and around the world.

This must be a civil trial. Terrorists attack civilians, and civilians have every right to face the accused, and the accused must be forced to look into the faces of those families they've devastated.

And...the world is watching. This is a "do unto others" opportunity. We know how we want Americans treated in foreign courts. Let's show the world that we will treat foreigners in our nation with the same justice we require Americans be treated overseas. We must show that no matter how heinous the crime, American justice works.

I support President Obama's decision to have the 9/11 terrorists tried in New York City.

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