Monday, July 28, 2014

Be the Page

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Social Media has brought businesses ample opportunity to engage their clientele in more depth than before, garnering loyalty that draws them from online to brick-and-mortar. How? 


Business owners, nonprofit managers, and politicians know that personal engagement does more for sales, donations, and votes than any other type of communication. People trust where they can look in the eye, reach with a handshake, and personally measure character. And - people spend money where they trust.

A social media page is an extension of your business, your mission, your message. Just like networking at a chamber function, your page is the place where you share what you are excited about; say thank you to the people who have helped you; ask for suggestions; support your causes; and explain what you do and why. The best social media pages let the personality of the organization shine like a confident look and firm handshake. They showcase the organization's character. They build respect first, then trust, then customers.  

If an engaging, active social media page can do all that, what do you think a blank one does? You are your page, or so the social media audience thinks. 

Need help with your blank page? Hire an e-ghost.

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